By Michael Löwy

The ECOSOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL NETWORK was present at Copenhagen on the occasion of the UNITED NATIONS SUMMIT ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Our leaflet “Copenhagen, April 12, 2049″ was distributed in hundreds of copies. A young Danish artist illustrated it with drawings, as a sort of “comic strip”, and comrades from the Danish Socialist Workers Party (member of the Red-Green Alliance) and from the British Socialist Resistance group printed it. The document can be found at the EIN site (English, French, German, Spanish and the illustrated version in English only).

We had also, on Friday December 11 a workshop on ecosocialism at the alternative KlimaForum. The organizers gave us a room with 30 places, but more than 100 people attended, siting on the floor or by the window; dozens of others left, for lack of space. Obviously, the organizers under-estimated the interest in ecosocialism … We had four speakers; three of them belonged to the EIN: the Canadian ecofeminist author Teresa Turner, the German activist from attac, Klaus Engert and myself; we also invited the young Danish ecosocialist Peter Nielsen. Some 70 people left their names and E-Mails to keep in contact with our network.

Of course, all the members and sympathizers of the EIN, from France, Canada, Germany, Belgium, England, Greece etc, were present at the mass demonstration of protest by 100 thousand people on Saturday December 12.