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National declarations

Ecosocialist declaration of SALZ (in German language)

International declarations

Manifiesto ecosocialista argentino in Spanish

Ecosocialist International Network

Cancun Ecosocialist Declaration in Spanish

Ecosocialist International Network

Report on the Second Conference (Belem 2009) in English
Declaration of EIN respecting RIO+20 in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish
Declaration of EIN in the Mexican press

Ecosocialist International Network

Belem Ecosocialist Declaration (2009):
- in English
- in French
- in German
in Greek
- in Italian
- in Portuguese
- in Turkish

1st Ecosocialist Manifesto (2001) by Joel Kovel and Michael Löwy:
- in English
- in French
- in Portuguese
- in Spanish
- in Turkish

Ian Angus:
Confronting the Climate Change Crisis: An Ecosocialist Perspective

How to Avoid Action on Climate Change
Food Crisis: The greatest demonstration of the historical failure of the capitalist model
Food Crisis: World Hunger, Agribusiness and the Food Sovereignty Alternative
If Socialism Fails: The Spectre of 21st Century Barbarism

Mitchel Cohen:

Carlos Dews:
A Red-Green Manifesto

Jane Susanna Ennis:
William Morris, the First Green Socialist?

Richard Greeman:
Ecotopia: A Bet You Can’t Refuse

Joel Kovel:
The Founding of EIN

EIN Chapter Two: What is to be done?

Michael Löwy:
Ecosocialism and Democratic Planning
(Socialist Register)
What is Ecosocialism?
(Capitalism, Nature, Socialism)
Ecosocialism and Spiritualism (along with Frei Betto)
Fukushima, one year later – and what about france? (in English as PDF)

Daniel Tanuro:
Les fondements d’une stratégie écosocialiste
Draft report on Climate Change for Fourth international (in Engish)
Draft report on Climate Change for Fourth international (in French)
Humanity, Society and Ecology: Global Warming and the Ecosocialist Alternative

Saral Sarkar & Bruno Kern:
Eco-Socialism or Barbarism: An up-to-date Critique of Capitalism

David Schwartzman:
Marxism and Ecology

Solar Communism
A World Party , Vehicle of Global Green Left
Another look at the end of the world
Our Future Solar Utopia Revisited: Another World is Possible

The Limits to Entropy
Ecosocialism or Ecocatastrophe

Socialist Resistance
Savage Capitalism